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Shoutout to my nigga @imabroome for the dope ass drawing go check him out he can make anything you want !!
Did taillights today. #datass #idomyowncarwork #amicoolyet #bmw
New whip #528xi #workinprogress #s2kmissyoubabe
Too freaking cute when she’s sleeping #wcw ❤️
My #wcw all day everyday. 🌹 I’m the luckiest guy in the world to have meet a girl as gorgeous funny and smart as you !! 😘 I love you so much !! ❤️
A picture means a thousands words. But sometimes words aren’t enough.
#wcw everyday. I love you ! ❤️
Sunset with my babes 😘🔆 (at Sunset Music Music Festival!)
This is my girlfriend Leslie! She’s one of the most awesomest person I know.  Along with the coolest dogs ever Romeo. She makes everyday so much brighter for me even when the days as shitty as can be.  I love you baby. ❤️ 😘
Beat #2048 get on my level.
New KM hookah!
#wcw her graduation night 😘❤️
#tbt #throwbackthursday one of the first dates with @_hopelesslie 😍😘💝
My #wcw 💝