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New KM hookah!
#wcw her graduation night 😘❤️
#tbt #throwbackthursday one of the first dates with @_hopelesslie 😍😘💝
My #wcw 💝
Cursing.  #s2000
I’m thankful for my brother for always being there for me my mom for being an amazing women an taking care of me in my times of need my dad for raising me to be who I am today and my girlfriend for always believing in me and helping me see the better things in life. I love my family. :)
My #wcw I love this girl so much! 😘
She will always be my #wcw

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Came home yesterday to my amazing girlfriend covering my room in decoration! 😍 @_hopelesliee
Watching my girlfriends rat for a week. #Romeo @_hopelesliee
I love you @_hopelesliee #wcw ❤️